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The panoramicist also runs the ordering department. And he handles all the shipping. Right now, after trying out a couple of systems, here is the simplest way I can think of to get you the panorama(s) you'd like.

Go to the appropriate link above under Pricing (e.g. Pricing: New Topographics Of Old Virginia) which allows you to access lists and prices of the all panoramas that are on this web site. With a few exceptions of proprietary pieces as noted, I offer all of them for sale.

Find the panorama(s) you want from the list(s). For information on formats and framing go to Formats: Prints & Frames

Send me an email. Click here or on Contact.

        List the PRINT NAME(S) of the panorama(s) you would like.

        Let me know if you want the PHOTO ONLY or you want it MATTED & FRAMED.

        Also include your shipping address.

When I receive your email, I'll work up an invoice which itemizes your order.

In addition to the cost of the panorama, I assess a flat shipping charge per panaorama as follows:

All shipping is FedEx Ground unless you require it more quickly which will incur additional cost.

I will confirm your order by email through the invoice which you will recieve from my PayPal account. You may pay this invoice in one of two ways:

1. In the emailed invoice you will find a link to my PayPal account which allows you to pay using your PayPal account or using a credit card.

2. Alternatively, send a personal check for the invoiced amount to:

          James O. Phelps
          181 Claytor Lane
          Glasgow, VA  24555

I can typically get everything out the door, FedEx Ground, within 5 business days once I receive payment. If it's going to take longer, I'll be sure to let you know.

If you have any questions at all, contact me anytime.

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